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  • Hannah Barthels

Staying confident in an unconventional career path

While the opportunities and paths for creative entrepreneurs are endless, there are many shared qualities and strategies behind building a career you’re passionate about. It’s encouraging for us as freelancers to hear the stories of others who have done it and are still doing it - and to hear the WHOLE story.  

What you see on social media is a polished and well-executed plan, but you don’t see what went on to get there. What made them nervous along the way. What the first version looked like. How many different things they tried until they found something that stuck. 

Jessie Jarvis is one who has blazed her own entrepreneurial trail. As a wife, mother, third-generation rancher, podcast host and founder + CEO of Of the West, she works hard to create an atmosphere for connection and conversation, ensuring that the ag and western industries are here for the next generation.

With over a decade's worth of experience in marketing and communications, as well as writing for and publishing various ag + western industry publications, Jessie's diverse career path is part of what helped lay the foundation to create Of The West in 2021. She shares what she’s tried and learned along the way, and what keeps her moving down the path of entrepreneurship. 

  • Being Observant: In a world where cell phones and screens can detract from the real-life lessons we glean from others, Jessie has found that her ability to observe and procure knowledge through in-person interactions and community engagement (even if online) is key to her continued success as a business owner and solopreneur. 

  • Finding Your “Why”: For Jessie, part of it is flexibility. A traditional 9-to-5 didn’t fit her schedule. She also knew that chasing the money wasn’t going to work if the love wasn’t there. For her, it was finding what lit her fire and made her feel that slow burn, something that will continually motivate her throughout her career. 

  • Being Flexible: To pretend that your “why” won’t change throughout your life is like pretending the slow burn won’t touch anything around it. You may become a parent or develop new interests throughout your career - in fact, you should! So you can plan to be doing some re-aligning as you and your business grow. 

Don’t be afraid to revise and adjust throughout your freelancer journey. What you start out with as draft #1 may not be your final copy, New York Times Bestseller. Remember Amazon was once a bookstore. Now, it’s the largest online retailer in the world. Use your own experience and passion as your guide to the ever-changing journey of entrepreneurship.

Jessie dives into even more of her story in a member-exclusive mastermind from the Get Freelancing Community. Catch a free version of the replay here.

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