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Bringing 10+ years of ag communications experience: and still learning

A little more about Hannah:

- 2013 graduate of UW-Madison Dairy Science & Life Sciences Communication

- Mom to three boys, ages 1, 3 and 5

- Passionate about continuing to learn with each project and opportunity

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Brittany, Marketing Director

Hannah is without a doubt, the absolute best! Her dedication and creativity have played a huge role in our company's growth and success. She's not only help to develop our marketing strategies but has also been the driving force behind all our content creation, our dynamic social media presence, and the creation and maintenance of our website, not to mention the countless other random projects we've thrown her way. Hannah takes on each challenge with a smile and grace, consistently surpassing our expectations. Her great attitude and innovative thinking make her an invaluable asset to our team. We're more than grateful to work with her, and words can't express our appreciation. I can 100% say that I look forward to every project that I get to work with her on.


Hannah did a good job expressing the challenges of balancing parenting and freelancing. Nobody would get tricked and think it was just an easy way to make some extra money. She showed the reality of the situation and let people decide for themselves whether or not it would work for them.

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